About the podcast

Female athletes worldwide and in different sports will be part of the We need to be Laud podcast. They will share their story and how they deal with the small salaries. We discuss reasons why the gender pay gap is so big and what ways could counteract those reasons. Additionally, we will address small steps we can take to stand up for equal pay. 

Becoming a professional athlete takes a lot, and the talent versus effort debate is highly discussed. Sports psychologists argue that the mental aspect could be far more critical than talent. Athletes go through a lot of pressure to perform at their peak, which can get overwhelming quickly. Many professional athletes started speaking up about how their mental health is sometimes in danger. In this podcast, we will speak to the athletes about what mental training they used, what they think can help younger athletes make it to the top, and how much importance they would put on the mental rather than physical game.

The „We need to be Laud“ podcast will start with its first episode this summer, so stay tuned and follow us on social media to ensure you get all the episodes!


About me

My name is Laura Vogt, aka Lau. I am a soccer goalkeeper from Switzerland. I am playing and studying at the University of the Cumberlands in Kentucky. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Sport Psychology because I firmly believe that the mental game separates the top from the average athlete. When I played in Switzerland’s highest female soccer league, I had a full-time job at a bank simultaneously because we were not getting paid for playing. While many professional female athletes get a small salary from their teams, most can only afford living with a second job or many sponsorship deals. The Gender-Pay-Gap is prevalent in most positions; however, in sports, it is huge and needs to change. Female athletes do the same amount of training and live highly professional lifestyles but do not get compensated enough for it. It is time to get loud!

“Speak up for those who need a voice!”


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